Friday, February 26, 2010

Aunt Meta...

I have these pictures of my Aunt Meta, whom I never had the opportunity of meeting.  So this layout is in honor of her...
Digital Kit; Paislee Press, Digital Template; C. Zielske.

Today has been busy preparing for tomorrow night.  We are having some friends of for Fondue!!  I love Fondues... and I usually go all out for them, I like to make all the dips instead of buying them...Tonight I made 4 dips already... one is an Anchovy dip (but doesn't really taste like anchovy) It has cognac and tobbasco sauce in it... mmmm

I am totally loving the Olympics, CTV has been awesome with their coverage...especially their live coverage that I can watch on the computer!!   That's right, while I'm here typing this up, I have another window open and I'm currently watching Speed Skating!  

I must be crazy, because I signed up for another class at Big Picture Scrapbooking!  What can I say... this one is called "Adventures in Scrapbooking:  Go Hybrid".  One thing I have been noticing with the Design Your Life class, I am spending way too much time on the computer and not enough time in my art room.  In fact... Marvin has threatened to sell my scrapbook stuff because I'm never in there!  Yikes!  And to make me feel even more guilty... the other day (while I was in the computer room)  I could hear him talking to Sophie and Norman  "Well, Sophie & Norman, I guess we have to give you up for adoption, because momma doesn't pay any attention to you anymore", gulp... big lump in my throat...  So this week I really made an effort to spend more time outside of the office...

Anyway, so this class will help me to incorporate the digital stuff into the traditional scrapbooking!  Yeah!

Alright, must go and do a few things!

Have a great night everyone!


Sunday, February 21, 2010

10 Seconds Doll

This is a quickie...I forgot to share this layout I completed of KC's 10 Seconds class I did the other weekend!

Paislee Press Kit (from the Digi Files).  Adaptation of a C. Zielske Template Design.

Have a great Sunday!

Angus is coming!

Today Eddie gets to have a friend come and stay with him this week!  Both Arlene and Carmen are headed to Vegas tomorrow (big sigh), and I wish I was going with them!  But alas, some of us need to work and take care of the animals hee hee!

So how many of you are keeping up with the Olympics?? Go Canada Go!  My favourite is John Montgomery who won the men's skeleton  You can see it on CTV, but what was even better was his walk thru Whistler to get to the CTV stage for his interview.  Done in true Canadian fashion, he walked thru the crowds of fans with his helmet in his hand and without missing a beat when someone hands him a pitcher of beer, he takes it and swigs it down and continues on.  Apparently he is called turtle.  When he was having his helmut made they asked him to think of what his spirit animal is, he said he needed to think about it.  On the drive home, his girlfriend was with him and they spotted a turtle on the road, so they pulled off to the side and helped make sure the turtle made it to the other side - hence his spirit animal is the turtle which you can see the symbol on his helmut!  Cool story eh??

Alright, so here are my latest layouts I made this week.  We are still working on emphasis.  I find the colors washed out on my screen, I even photoshoped them but not sure why they look dull.
This is a layout showing some pics of our cruise.
Papers; L. Grieveson (Geometrics), K. Pertiet (Tightie Whities), Elements; J. Sprague (Journaling Flourish), Font; Montotype Corsiva., Template design; Cathy Zielske.
As you can see the emphasis is the wedding picture of my mom & dad...
Element on journaling area - ScrapArtist Be Mine Kit. Fonts; Dear Joe & Adobe Caslon, Template design; Cathy Zielske.
Kits; Moments (OScraps, Cinzia Loosemore & Taylormade), Tiffany, Fonts; Arabic Typsetting.  Template Design; C. Zielske.

I love this layout!  It was fun to make and I really felt creative.  I took three pictures of some of the work I have done and added it to the layout.  If you are wondering about the painting of the girl on the swing - you can take this class at Treasured Memories, check out their classes blog, Lisa is teaching it again in March... I highly recommend it if you are interested in something different.

This layout is actually our Real World Color assignment... which means we were asked to use the following two colors

I loved the template design so much from the layout above that I thought I would make another one.  This is of the Heidi Swapp class I went to last year in May.  As you can see in the journaling I was inspired by Heidi, and one of the results of that inspiration was this blog...
Papers; C. Wilkerson, J.Sprague, B. Buffington (Two Peas), K.Pertiet (Tightie Whities), Elements; H of 3 Damask Kit, ScrapArtist, Fonts; Dear Joe & Arabic Typsetting.  Digital Template; C. Zielske.

Of course this layout I had to add pink!  For those of you who may not know Heidi Swapp = PINK!
And there you have it...

Have a creatively awesome day!!

Monday, February 15, 2010

Kuler Adobe

I wanted to do a separate post on the Kuler Adobe site... wow, this is one of the coolest things ever!  You can upload a picture to the site and it will make a color palette from the photograph!  How cool is that???  Here is my assignment on color.
White paper - K. Pertiet (Tightie Whities).  Digital Template; Cathy Zielske.
If you go on to the Kuler site and type in Princess Cruise, you should come up with my color palette, you can also see it below...

So there you have it, the creative possibilities are endless!

Yeah Canada!

I have been very busy these last few days like most Canadians watching the Olympics!  Wow, I thought the opening ceremonies were awesome!  I loved it all, well except for maybe the opera singer.  How proud I am to be Canadian.  I was glued to the T.V. yesterday as well watching the Men's Moguls, how cool is it that we can now say we have our first ever Canadian Gold Medal on home soil.  I have been watching everything CTV has broadcast about this young Canadian, Alex Bilodeau, what a great story.

It's been very quiet here at home... because Marvin is in Florida at some meetings this week, he left Friday and when he walked out the door he said "Enjoy your quiet time!" and  Boy am I ever!  Ha Ha! I think it's good to have some time apart every now and then... Anyway, he was able to check out the Daytona 500 yesterday, he texted me and said it was "fantastic" - well he actually said something different, but I don't feel it's appropriate to share... ha!  So while he was having his fun, I actually had some fun myself!

That's right, I had a large group of ladies over for a "Silpada Jewelry Party" It was lots of fun.  So I get to pick out some free jewelry, check out the link there are some beautiful pieces.  My friend Brenda sells it and I'm sure if you would like to book a party she would love to hook you up.  You can send me an e-mail if you like.

Well, even though I have been busy watching the Olympics, I have managed to get my assignments completed for my class.  I can't believe this is the end of Week 7!!  Only 5 more weeks to go, and I am still having lots of fun and I'm thinking of maybe taking another class when this one is done, not sure though.

I love the colors in this layout.  This weeks subject is emphasis... This picture is making me hungry right now!  The supplies are as follows: 
Paper; Jen Wilson, DD (Help Haiti Kit), Two Peas (Betsy Tuma), Elements; ScrapArtist (Be Mine Kit), Digi Files (V.Pearce - Jan. Kit), Fonts; Bohemian Type, Dear Joe.  Digital Template, Cathy Zielske.

I decided to do a second layout on this assignment because it was so much fun!  I am the one with the red hat, my sister Carmen is the one with the colorful striped shirt, don't we really look like we are having the time of our life!  Yeah, like I said in the journaling - camping is definitely not my cup of tea! 

Paper; Port au Prince, Elements; Crystal Wilkenson tags, Moments Kit flower (Oscraps), Fonts; Dear Joe, Ma Brownie Too.  Digital Template, Cathy Zielske.
Here the emphasis is the larger picture with the dark matting.  I kept this one very simple.
Paper; Port au Prince Kit (Songbird Ave.), Moments Kit (OScraps), Simply Tiffany Designs, Elements; Crystal Wilkerson tag.  Digital Template; Cathy Zielske.

There you have it!  Hope you all are having a wonderful Family Day!

Sunday, February 7, 2010

10 Seconds Doll...

Yesterday I was at TM for the 10 Second class that KC put on... It was sooo cool.  Kara had Riff Raff dolls made for the class!  Awesomeness (I might have bought an extra one so I can make a boy doll!).  So here are some pics of the class.

 This is part of the kit we got, check out the Riff Raff doll!  It reminded me of being a kid and playing with cut outs!  Remember cut out dolls??  So the premise here is that you take these thin colored sheets of metal and rub them over top of an embossed plate, and you can push your tools into the grooves to make it more detailed.  Once you have done that, then you take a sanding tool and rub off the colored metal, or if you are using silver, then it just makes it look more antiqued.  You can also use alcohol inks (rub them on with Q-tips).
Here is a pic of me working hard!
 My doll is taking shape....
A pic of the group...  One of the great things is, KC had a table set up with different embellishments that we could use to decorate our dolls... I love the flower and butterfly on her leg and the flower in her hair!
Here she is!  Pretty cool!  I love the hair!
If you would like to see some of the other dolls the participants made you can check out KC's blog here.
We had lots of fun.
That's it for tonight!  Hope you all have a great week!

Friday, February 5, 2010


Well, I managed to do two loads of laundry tonight!  Yeah me!  You see, when I'm not at Treasured Memories on a Friday night scrappin', I'm supposed to be housecleaning, but.... well, I feel like scrappin tonight...  So here we are!

Today we went for lunch at Sorrentino's in St. Albert.  It was my colleagues' final day of work because she will be having a baby very soon!  We started one of those jackpots to guess the date and time of the baby being born, the winner gets half the loot and Michelle will get the other half! 

Tomorrow I will be taking the Ten Second Class with KC at Treasured Memories, I'm so looking forward to some craftiness and learning new things!

Marvin will be making some Superbowl snacks - now, I don't really watch the Superbowl, usually we have a house full of guests, but this year we are taking it easy!  Besides, I'm going to one of those Norwex Party's that everyone seems to be having.  So I will be checking out their products and seeing what I need.  I hear they have cleaning cloths that do not require you to use cleaning products...  I guess I will see what that is all about...

I cannot believe I am already into week 6 of my class, I'm half way thru... unbelievable!  I am still learning lots and realized I have made 24 layouts during that time (and that's just for the class, I have been doing other things as well).   I think that's awesome...

Here is one I finished last night... 

As you can see here, I met David Bowie, but really, when you read the journaling, you will see how stunned I was... I'm pretty sure he was laughing at me!  It was one of the top 5 highlights of my life!
Paper; K. Pertiet (Tightie Whities), Sweet Shoppe (See Jane Smile & Little Miss), Elements; ScrapArtist & SBS, Fonts; Anthology & Arabic Typesetting.  Layout template, Cathy Zielske.

Here is another one I just finished tonight...
Songbird Avenue - Port Au Prince kit, Sweet Shoppe - See Jane Smile kit, Font - Earwig Factory.  Layout template; Cathy Zielske.

The zoo was great, except I was a bit disturbed by some of the animals behavior, like one of the bears, when we were watching him, he was pacing back and forth in the same spot, when we walked by 30 minutes later, he was still doing the same thing.  In the older part of the zoo, many of the animals did not even come outside of their little huts.  I completely understand the rationale for zoo's and what their programs do by helping prevent extinction etc... but I cannot help but feel sorry for them.

Well that's enough for tonight!  Have an awesome weekend everyone!