Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Search for The Torch... Found!

So, the big hype this week has been about the Olympic Torch Relay.... and when I was watching the news this morning before heading out to work I said to Marv, I would love to see the Torch and get some photos... so.... I happened to be in St. Albert this afternoon for a meeting, at which point when it ended, some of the staff were standing by the window and just then we got to see the torch pass us by... a block away... not a very good view!

On my way out to my vehicle, I tried to reach my friend Brenda to find out if she wanted to partake in the festivities this evening down at Churchill Square... she did not answer, so I left a message.  I pulled out of the parking lot and was driving down St. Albert Trail... traffic was moving slowly... and I happened to pull up next to...

One of the vans that follow the torch!  So.... like any good scrapbooker...  I followed it!!

At this point the van pulled over to the side of the road where all the other vehicles were and I could not see the Torch Bearer, so I started down the trail to head home... until... I saw a couple vehicles pulled over on a side road, and I got to thinking, well... maybe the Torch is coming... so I pulled up next to an Escalade and rolled down the window... a very lovely woman, named Carla (??) told me she had just taken some pictures in St. Albert... I told her how I really needed a photo for my scrapbooking class!  She said she would e-mail one to me!!!  How nice is that???  As we were sitting there, sure enough, all the Torch Relay Trucks passed by us... with no Torch Bearer...

So... I started off again... following the trucks!

And then... before I knew it, once we passed over the Yellowhead... the trucks were pulling over and people were jumping out everywhere... the police were all over the place directing traffic... I pulled off on one of the side streets and... got this shot.....

and... this one!!!!

YEAH!!  The Torch Bearer!
The quality of the pictures are not that great... all taken from my blackberry... but I don't care!  I was there... and I got to see it!

Hope you all have a great Wednesday Night!


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