Wednesday, January 20, 2010

The Border!

ARRHHhhh  I hate season finales....  One of my most favourite shows is "The Border", now if you haven't seen this show, I think you're missing out on some fine Canadian content!  Seriously....  James McGowan, is dreamy and the sarcastic humor along with the bureaucracy of Federal politics makes this show something all Canadians can relate to... but alas, you will now need to wait several months for the new season, but in the meantime you could buy the boxed sets (note to self, this would be a good birthday gift for Ginger)...Ha!  The show is on the CBC - I've had a hard time forgiving the CBC for ridding itself of a previous genius show they aired for about 3 seasons, called "Intelligence".  Any of you who remember that show, will know what I am talking about, so I am skeptical for falling in love with any series. I know it's not just the CBC that has deleted shows off of it's night time spots, but really, "Intelligence" was gritty and... well... intelligent...for lack of a better word!.

James McGowan
 Have a great night everyone!

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  1. My fave Canadian TV show at the moment is Being Erica.

    One of my favourites was on a couple of years ago: Hatching Matching and Dispatching. It had a great cast - Shaun Majumder, Mark McKinney, Mary Walsh - and was so hilarious! Lots of F-bombs in a Newfie accent, and Mary Walsh was a laugh riot. It only lasted 8 episodes, but I only remember one.

    I also really enjoyed Wonderland. And the Gill Deacon show. There's more to Canadian TV than Hockey Night in Canada!