Tuesday, December 29, 2009

More Christmas Pictures...

This is a Christmas Collage I made from taking the Photo Editing Class with Jessica Sprague.  Having too much fun with this...some of these photos you will have seen already...

There is not enough time in the day... I could stay up all night playing, but I must get to bed!!
Good Night!


Are you ready for this??  To all my buddies who own a Sizzix machine,... guess what???  Tim Holtz has teamed up with Sizzix to create his own die cuts... ewwww... I know...this is going to be awesome!  Check out these cool ideas...



That Tim...he sure knows what we need!

Monday, December 28, 2009

Preparing for a New Year!

Well, I have been having some fun on my time off!  I have been thinking about the things I would like to do in 2010.  I signed up for some classes and the one I am most looking forward to is the "Design Your Life" class at the Big Picture Scrapbooking.  I cannot wait!!  Brenda has signed up with me and even though we are both a bit nervous about the workload (three assignments/week!!), not to mention it is 3 months long.  I still think it is going to be well worth it!  If you want to sign up, check it out, you have until January 6th to register.  I bought a few more classes at Jessica Sprague, one I have worked on this weekend called "Photo Editing:  Good to Great".  I am learning sooo much stuff... I'm loving it!

Really looking forward to visiting with our friends Jen and Darren on Wednesday evening, and then for New Year's Eve we will be spending it with Wes and Nicole, my brother and sister-in-law...  Should be fun!

The past couple of days we have been dogsitting my sister's dog, "Jake".  He is about 7 years old and I'm not sure if  he has ever seen a cat before, because he didn't know what to think when he saw Norman and Sophie!  It was quite funny to see. He would not allow them to come anywhere near the living room... usually all the animals congregate with us in the evening... but not the cats...Carmen picked him up early this morning and took him home until Arlene and Torrie return from Calgary. Norm and Sophie are much happier today!

Have a good night everyone!


Friday, December 25, 2009


Well Christmas is almost over for 2009!  We had lots of fun at Arlene and Mike's on Christmas Eve and there was no shortage of food!  Here are some pictures of the evening...





We opened up gifts from our Secret Santa exchange and then had a chocolate fruit fondue for dessert!  Good food and good times!

Happy Holidays everyone!


Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Movin' On....

I am feeling good about some personal decisions I have made in the recent past and this week has just proved those decisions were wise...

This is a quote I pulled off of Rhonna's blog here

Monday, December 21, 2009

The Henschel Family Christmas

Yesterday we spent the day with Marvin's family and celebrated an early Christmas.  Marvin's mom made an amazing dinner, with no shortage of favourites for everyone...We had fun and here are the pictures to show it...

The Henschel Men

 Wes and Nicole

Cassidy & Braden

Gavin & Preston

Carol & Marvin

Ingrid opening her gift I made.

A close up of the memory album I made.
That's all I have for tonight...

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Tim Holtz Rocks!

If you have never looked at Tim Holtz's blog, you really need to, he is one of the most talented individual's when it comes to crafts...  Check out his blog here.  Every year he has the 12 Tags of Christmas where he shows techniques that are awe inspiring and jaw dropping...

These are just two of my favourites...  check out his tags from 2008 & 2007...

Can you believe he made the flowers from scratch??  Crazy cool...


Can you say "Icebox"?...

Alright, seriously, who wants to be known as the second coldest place on Earth?  Yeah, that would be where I live...On Saturday night the temperature was a record low at -46.1, which apparently was the second lowest temperature recorded that night!  Nice...eh?  We were driving back from Marvin's staff Christmas Party at Lux, and when we hit the river valley, it was -44!!  It is like living in a permanent icebox...apparently, it is suppose to get better by the weekend...

Anyway, on a positive note, at least when it's this cold, there is no snow to shovel!  Bwaha ha!!

So, the renos are now complete and now we just have to put things back, like my art room...  I need some time to figure out how I want to set it up...  (squeal of excitement!)

Right now, I am working on a Christmas gift for Marvin's mom.  She was telling me the other day she has no current pictures of Marv and I, so I decided to make her a memory booklet, like Trisha Ladouceur's.  She has another class at Treasured Memories tomorrow night...  I highly recommend this class as it is a fun project and makes a wonderful gift.  I need to finish it either tonight or Friday night as we are celebrating Christmas on Sunday with Marvin's family.

Agghhh... so much to do and such little time to do it!

I am looking forward to getting together with my friend Brenda on Thursday night!  She has the best luck when it comes to winning tickets to events...  Actually, her dad is the one who has the most luck, he gave her tickets to the movie "Nine", which has my most favourite actor in the world, Daniel Day Lewis!!!  Everything he does is amazing... not to mention there are some other heavy hitters, Nicole Kidman, Kate Hudson, Fergie, and the list goes on...

So that's what I got for tonight!  Have a good one!


Sunday, December 6, 2009

It's Beginning to Look Alot Like Christmas...

Well, we have made it thru our first winter storm of the season and now it feels like Christmas is coming...Yeah!  Wow... Winter really is here, we have been so fortunate to have mild temperatures up until now...   I'm actually happy to have the snow, it makes me think of four things:
  1. Fireplace
  2. Mulled Cider
  3. Couch
  4. Christmas Music...Definitely mood inspiring... Ha!
Here are a few pictures...

This weekend I got lots of crafty time in!  I finished a Christmas Banner after being inspired from the Home Decor class I took along with all the new die cuts I got for my sizzix machine.  I could not wait to try this out and now it is hanging above my fireplace...

Everything I used for the banner came from the Making Memories line...  lots of cute embellishments!

And here is a picture of little Miss Sophie scoping out how she can do damage...  She is the instigator out of the bunch...  (she usually breaks at least one ornament a year!).

Have a great Sunday!


Tuesday, December 1, 2009


Am I the only one feeling super busy??  I cannot believe how fast the weeks are flying by!!  Christmas is in 24 days... Yikes!!  Our renos are coming along nicely, the baseboards are up, Marvin gave some of the rooms a fresh coat of paint and we have the spare room all put together... now we are just waiting for the hardwood and our new King sized bed (which we just purchased this evening!) Yippee!!  I feel a bit disconnected as my art room is packed up and it looks like it will be that way for another couple of weeks at least...oh well, I guess it gives me more time for cyberspace!  Hee! Hee!

Last weekend I took Nadine's Home Decor class and had a blast.  The ladies I took the class with are regulars at Treasured Memories and we had crazy fun, and Nadine put up with us...Ha!  I hung up the star and banner at work, we also made a bonus project, (that Nadine is such a crafty person!).

We also had our staff Christmas Party on Saturday evening.  It was catered by Absolutely Edibles which was awesome.  The food was great and so was the service, well worth it.  Michelle, one of my colleagues was the hostess and she has a beautiful home with 2 lovely and energetic daughters, along with two dogs, one of which is a 160lbs Newfoundlander, named Gus... wow, was he big and very friendly! 

Arlene, Carmen and I took our Aunt Linda out for Sunday Brunch at the Sawmill.  I haven't been to the Sawmill for many years, and it was quite enjoyable.  We sat and visited for 4 hours... wow...

So Arlene, Carmen and I are going to get together and make poppyroll!!  My mom makes the best poppyroll ever! We had a minor discrepancy already... Arlene and I believe we need to make it the way mom always did (with melted lard - I know, doesn't sound appealing), but we feel quite strongly about making it the way mom always did.  Carmen and Aunt Linda think we should make it with butter, so we might actually do both and have a taste test!  What do you think?  Butter or lard?  Ha!  (mom if you are reading this, you better set us straight!  Ha!)

I thought I would leave you with a pic of my new ride...  I don't miss the Audi one bit... I love my Toureg!!