Sunday, October 4, 2009

The Wedding

Wow, what a great weekend it has been!  The wedding happened, and even though the weather did not cooperate (what happened to the + 8 degrees?), it was still a beautiful day.

It started on Friday with me, Sandy, and Carmen, having our nails done.  We were having such a good time that we began to lose track of the time and just narrowly made it to the rehearsal! (Sandy and I promised Carmen there would not be a repeat performance on Saturday, and that we would be paying better attention to the time line!)  After the rehearsal, we were all invited to John's parents home for a lovely dinner.  John's family is so inviting.  What an enjoyable evening...

Saturday morning the wedding party had their hair and makeup done and we had one small crisis - Carmen had forgot her hairpins at the hotel, so Curtis and Bev, thankfully brought them to us.

We arrived back at the hotel with enough time to have a small lunch and then we needed to get ready!
Unfortunately, I did not have my camera with me, so I will be getting some pictures from Sandy, which I will be able to scrap!
After having some Jaegermeister shots, we got into the limo and arrived at the church at exactly 2 pm where pastor was standing outside waiting for us... then it was down the aisle...

After the service we went to the museum grounds and the photographers were very good at quickly taking the photos as they knew we would be freezing.

We arrived back at the hotel where we made our entrance to the reception with "I Gotta Feelin'...tonight is goin to be a good night" sung by the Black Eyed Peas.  Love this song!!  I felt like we were at a political convention, with everyone clapping to the beat and cheering...  Carmen and John made CD's of their favorite love songs as a favor for everyone, what a great idea...

Sandy and I were tasked with the Toast to the Bride and I made it through my speech without any stumbles, I made sure I had a glass or two of wine before... All of the speeches were done very well, lots of funny stories and kind words!

Then it was time for the bride and groom to dance... and dance they did... Carmen and John started dancing to their waltz and then the music suddenly stopped and before we knew it they were doing their own choreographed version to several songs, and it was amazing.  I would never have guessed my sister would do something like this, but John has brought out another side to her that is a treasure to see!  They had all of us captivated, with every new song, Carmen would glance at John to see what the moves were, it was so cute!  They finished off the dance with returning to their waltz!

Here are a few more photos.... 

Torrie, Tyler, Mike & Arlene

Brenda and Joe
Tanya, Nathan and his girlfriend Anja

Bev & Curtis

Marvin & Me

The dance was great, I held out until 1230, not bad...  Marvin and I were the last to leave.  We wish Carmen and John many years of happiness, and especially on their trip to Australia where John will be "representing Canada" in his division (tennis) at the World Masters Games!  Good Luck John!  We will be cheering you on!

Until next time!

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