Saturday, October 24, 2009

Good Time!

Well, Hopscotch was all that I thought it would be!  Got to taste a 25year old Glenmorangie (also learned the correct pronunciation).   My favorite is the Glenmorangie LaSanta which has sherry notes... mmm ahh... Our host for the tasting was appropriately dressed in full kilt and sporran!  Made me want to head to Scotland...  After the tasting we went out for dinner to Lux and had some amazing appetizers.  Here are a couple pics from the night....

Have a great Saturday everyone!


Tuesday, October 20, 2009


I am so looking forward to spending a quality evening with my big sis and brother in law!  Arlene and I kinda like scotch and so we bought tickets months ago for the Hopscotch event taking place at the Winspear on Friday night... not only did we buy tickets, but we spent a bit more to get the VIP tickets!  Hee! Hee!  Last year we went to the Rocky Mountain Wine Tasting and they had some scotch there, so when this came up, we did not hesitate... I will let you know how it goes!

Ahhh... I went for a nice long walk after work, my beloved fall has returned...  I love the coolness in the air and the overcast skies.  So many trees still have their leaves on after our little snowfall, I wonder if they will fall off.

So for the last couple of years at work, they have a Christmas Craft Sale.  So... my friend Shelli and I, decided we would reserve a table and sell our cards!  Yikes (biting my fingernails)!  We are both just a little nervous, but excited!  We have exactly one month to prepare ourselves...  Wish us luck!

I am going to share a card I made with Graphic 45 paper...  I love Graphic 45... it is one of the hottest paper lines right now.  If you love vintage... you will love this.

We got an e-mail from Carmen today... they are headed for Figi tomorrow!  It sounds like they are having a fantastic time, but she did mention she misses the animals... Poor Mila, everytime I go to feed her, she klings to my chest and drools all over me, so I know she will be very happy to see her mama!

Anyway - that's it for tonight!

Have a great evening!


Sunday, October 18, 2009


Alright, so yesterday I had the pleasure of joining Kara and Laurie for Lisa's awesome and amazing altered canvas class... did I tell you it was amazing?  Okay - so I am totally and completely inspired by what has always been an interest, but not sure if I'm ready... kind of class.  Lisa is so freakin' talented, when she is not teaching classes at Treasured Memories, she is working on their Project and Techniques blog.  She is not afraid to spray Glimmer Mist on her page or to journal freehand, while some of us might be a bit more uptight she is a free spirit!
Each time I take a class from Lisa I am excited and inspired to say the least...  So here is the canvas I created from the class yesterday...

I love the texture I created on the canvas.  The tree and birdhouse are Riff Riff and the girl in the swing is from Artchix Studio .  The words were cut out from an old book Lisa had of quotes from famous people, back in the day when telegrams were a way of communicating (boy have we come a long way) Ha!  It reads "with you or without you, you're enshrined forever in my heart".  Cute.    
If you like collage and altered art I recommend checking out Somerset's library of magazines.  They are full of ideas and tips, and if you find a project you like, chances are they will list the artists blog or website.

Lisa has a second class of the "Altered Canvas" coming up, as well you can check out other classes she is teaching here.  Also, if you want to see more of her work check out the Riff Raff blog.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009


What is happening?  Where is my beloved fall??  El Nino my ***!  Seriously, if I have to endure snow from now until next April, I might be looking at a warmer climate... or perhaps I'll hibernate, I could use the sleep.

Here are some pictures looking out my window on Monday evening!!

And isn't it just wonderful that we can expect 5 cm of snow tomorrow... Do I hear Hawaii, the Mayan Riviera calling my name??

Alright, enough cynicism... let's see, what do I have to look forward to this week??  Actually, I have a great October planned!  Thursday is Tony Bennett...  this is going to be awesome!  Then Saturday, I am taking an Altered Canvas art class, I have been looking forward to this for months now!  The class is being taught by Treasured Memories elite artist, Lisa!  She has some of the coolest artistic talent, not to mention she has cute toes.

I also got an exciting e-mail from a cousin in Germany I have never met.  Her parents have visited my family many years ago, and you know how everyone's life just gets too busy and then 15 years pass.  So, I am happy to connect with Julia and look forward to getting to know her.

Alright, that's all I can put in for tonight!  I must prepare myself for tomorrows exciting forecast...



Saturday, October 10, 2009

Creative Force Within!

Warning - This post is picture heavy!  Okay, so, I have hardly had any time to do what I really love...create!  So let me tell you, today I spent all day in my art room!  Whoopee!  I made three cards... not bad.  Part of being on the social committee at work allows me to create birthday cards for my colleagues.  We now have a gentleman on the team, so I needed to create a masculine type card.

When I need inspiration I check out Mary Fish's blog.  She is fabulous... check out her link.  She has some good tips in her Stamping 911.  These cards have all been made from the Mojo Monday sketches.
I like how they turned out...

I love the colors in this card, the paper is from BasicGrey, the Indian Summer line and it fits well with the Stampin Up, In Colors.

So my friend Nicole had her baby, Logan, the beginning of August.  Here is something I made for her back in August, but her baby shower is coming up and I thought I would share it with you now. This is a folder designed by Trisha Ladouceur.   She is amazing, and this design can be translated into so many different projects.  This summer I took her class and the copy I made was given to my aunt for her 70th birthday, she loved it (even my uncle thought it was a great gift).  Trisha designs for Tattered Angels, My Minds Eye and Prima, she is very experienced, and it is so cool to take a class from her.


The core for this folder is 3 manila envelopes, and the idea is for Nicole to put pictures or trinckets from Logan, into all the little pockets that have been created throughout the folder.  I love this project, and can see me using it again and again...

Well, I guess that is enough for tonight...  I hope you are inspired!


Thanksgiving! My favorite holiday...

For the last 6 days, I have felt like the weather has been, "crappy"!!  Once the wedding was over, poof, I got a sore throat which turned into Bronchitis!  No surprise really... before the wedding I was fighting it and taking vitamins and herbs to stave it off, but eventually my poor body caved.  Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday, unfortunately I was not able to see mom and dad this weekend, because mom should not be around anyone with a cold, so Marvin and I have decided to have a low key weekend.  Enough about being sick... on to the good stuff.

First off, I am really thankful for Marvin... he cooked all week for us (he had the week off, so time was not an issue).  I have a picture here of a beautiful Brioche he made... I love bread... especially home made!

He also made a ham, and an amazing ham and bean soup (he really is good at making soup).  We have decided to make beer can chicken, stuffing and roasted cauliflower for Thanksgiving Dinner tomorrow evening.  Usually, we make a feast and invite all our friends and family, but low key is the theme this year.

Other things I am thankful for: my family and friends, my health (oh yeah, I saw a rheumatologist this week for some blood tests that came back a month ago, and I got good news, he told me it is nice to see someone so healthy instead of those with chronic conditions he treats on a daily basis), my critters (they make me happy every day), and my job...

A pic of Sophie and Norman... doing what they love most... sleeping.


I would like to take the time to wish everyone a Happy Thanksgiving!

Oh, and Carmen and John are having a wonderful time in Australia, unfortunately John lost both his matches at the Masters Games and has been eliminated...  I doubt he is upset, I mean hey, he is on his honeymoon, in one of the most beautiful countries!  What more could one need? (Love you guys!)


Sunday, October 4, 2009

The Wedding

Wow, what a great weekend it has been!  The wedding happened, and even though the weather did not cooperate (what happened to the + 8 degrees?), it was still a beautiful day.

It started on Friday with me, Sandy, and Carmen, having our nails done.  We were having such a good time that we began to lose track of the time and just narrowly made it to the rehearsal! (Sandy and I promised Carmen there would not be a repeat performance on Saturday, and that we would be paying better attention to the time line!)  After the rehearsal, we were all invited to John's parents home for a lovely dinner.  John's family is so inviting.  What an enjoyable evening...

Saturday morning the wedding party had their hair and makeup done and we had one small crisis - Carmen had forgot her hairpins at the hotel, so Curtis and Bev, thankfully brought them to us.

We arrived back at the hotel with enough time to have a small lunch and then we needed to get ready!
Unfortunately, I did not have my camera with me, so I will be getting some pictures from Sandy, which I will be able to scrap!
After having some Jaegermeister shots, we got into the limo and arrived at the church at exactly 2 pm where pastor was standing outside waiting for us... then it was down the aisle...

After the service we went to the museum grounds and the photographers were very good at quickly taking the photos as they knew we would be freezing.

We arrived back at the hotel where we made our entrance to the reception with "I Gotta Feelin'...tonight is goin to be a good night" sung by the Black Eyed Peas.  Love this song!!  I felt like we were at a political convention, with everyone clapping to the beat and cheering...  Carmen and John made CD's of their favorite love songs as a favor for everyone, what a great idea...

Sandy and I were tasked with the Toast to the Bride and I made it through my speech without any stumbles, I made sure I had a glass or two of wine before... All of the speeches were done very well, lots of funny stories and kind words!

Then it was time for the bride and groom to dance... and dance they did... Carmen and John started dancing to their waltz and then the music suddenly stopped and before we knew it they were doing their own choreographed version to several songs, and it was amazing.  I would never have guessed my sister would do something like this, but John has brought out another side to her that is a treasure to see!  They had all of us captivated, with every new song, Carmen would glance at John to see what the moves were, it was so cute!  They finished off the dance with returning to their waltz!

Here are a few more photos.... 

Torrie, Tyler, Mike & Arlene

Brenda and Joe
Tanya, Nathan and his girlfriend Anja

Bev & Curtis

Marvin & Me

The dance was great, I held out until 1230, not bad...  Marvin and I were the last to leave.  We wish Carmen and John many years of happiness, and especially on their trip to Australia where John will be "representing Canada" in his division (tennis) at the World Masters Games!  Good Luck John!  We will be cheering you on!

Until next time!