Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Birthdays & Showers!

Wow...I cannot believe how busy I have been... It all started last Friday night when I made a last minute decision to go to my favorite place... okay, come on now, for those of you not in "the know" I'm not sure how much more clearer I can make this! My favorite place is Treasured Memories. That's right, if I could, you know I would, if I could I would live there. Ha! Okay, maybe I'm stretching it a bit. Somehow I don't think Chantel would let me! Anyway, I called up my good friend Brenda and the two of us had a fun time. For the 6 hours I was there, I made two cards! Not bad... Ha!

Saturday we were at my sister Arlene's home to celebrate Mike's 50th Birthday! You can see below the card I made for him... Party Hearty... and we did. I might have had some tequila...

Mike, giving the 50 sign (except he got it backwards, but he figured it out after a few drinks).

Here is a picture of Tyler with her boyfriend Sean...

Sunday was the Bridal Shower for my sister Carmen! Sandy and I, being the bridesmaids, planned an afternoon shower for Carmen which she really enjoyed! Below is the card I made for her using my leftover Treasured Memories monthly kit! I love the colors.
Here is a picture of Carmen after opening all her gifts and thanking everyone for coming. Sandy made her a necklace. We scared Carmen earlier by telling her we were going to make her wear a bridal shower hat, that didn't go over very well. I think the necklace was a good compromise!
So that was my very busy and very fun weekend!

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