Tuesday, August 25, 2009


Well mom had her appointment with the oncologist today and he told her the cancer is grade II and she was given three options for treatment:
  • to take hormone replacement therapy (50% chance of recurrence)

  • to take the chemo (four rounds, each round three weeks apart)

  • or to be involved in a study, which of course would not guarantee the right treatment.

Mom has decided to go with the chemo... I think this is the best option as it has about a 30% chance of recurrence. This is what she has been preparing for and so this is what she chose. They may even be able to start her chemo as early as next week! This is good.

I have had many people ask how she is doing and everyone is amazed how well she is. I tell them she has a positive attitude and is going to fight her way thru this...

I love you Mom!

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