Tuesday, August 18, 2009

I Made it to 39...Happy Birthday to Me!

So today is my birthday... Yeah me! One more year and I hit the big 40...

So let me see, this will be a year to prepare for my 40th...and so these are some things I reslove to do in the final year of my 30's:

1. Take on a healthy attitude...that's right, I resolve to lead a healthy life. I will be more conscientious of my body and what it needs. That means to fit at least 30 minutes of activity in my day...now I'm not perfect but need to start somewhere. I keep saying I need to do it, so now I will do it.

2. As per my gal Heidi Swapp (see my very first blog post) I resolve to lead a more positive life, negative energy is draining, it only makes us tired and ill. So I will identify those things that take up too much bad energy and will replace them with the good stuff!

3. I resolve to take at least 20 minutes a day to be creative... (this will actually help with # 2.).

4. I am going to do something I would never do, something scary but exhilirating (when I know what it is I will let you know, just thinking about the possibilities makes me scared).

5. I will be more organized...with my house that is. I will make a monthly list of things I want to accomplish (like cleaning out my clothes closet ((Yikes!!)), and will cross them off as they are completed... Yeah, I can do this! (I will enlist the help of my friend Martha - she is very good at organizing!)

6. I will take some sort of classes to help enhance my creative mind!

So there you have it... my 39th year resolutions... no going back on them because now you all know what they are! Ha! Ha!