Tuesday, July 21, 2009

The Schleck Brothers

So - you probably wouldn't think this of me but I have been closely watching the Tour de France! That's right! 3 hours every night for the last 2 weeks, my eyes have been glued to the t.v. Hence, no scrapbook pics. Hee Hee! Last year I watched it and learned the strategies, and I was shocked at how difficult the Tour really is. I learned what a peleton is. So when Marv and I started watching it this year I kept asking him where Andy Schlek was, I guess Marv didn't remember the incredible skills this young rider had when we watched last year (especially with his brother Frank), you see when I mention Andy's name, Marv asks if I have a crush on the guy (because I actually know a thing or two about him - like that he's from Luxembourg). Hee Hee! He is pretty cute.
Anyway, what has really been amazing is Lance Armstrong, the man might still have it in him to win and that is impressive.

Okay - enough about the Tour de France!
Eight more days to vacation! Woot Woot! That means I better get my tush in gear, I have this weekend to finish the scrapbook. I will be taking pictures of all the pages and then will post them. Marvin is going to the Indy this weekend, so I will have plenty of girl time to work on the book.
The excercise program is going well. Arlene and I went for a nice long walk yesterday in the River Valley on some awesome trails. We had to hop over some big trees that were strewn across the path after Saturday's scary storm. Today I rode the recumbant cycle we have in the basement (I think I've been on it three times in the past 3 years!). Arlene has challenged me to get a pedometer, and to work myself up to 10,000 steps/day. I do have a pedometer, but have never used it and I will be pulling it out! So maybe some of you would like to take up the challenge with me?
Well I need to get some shut eye.

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