Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Other Stuff!

Okay so the last entry was a reality check and now I want to talk about some fun stuff. For the first time I submitted a layout to a magazine. It is one of my favorite scrap books and it is published only 4 times/year. Here is the link to Canadian Scrapbooker  I will keep you posted on whether I get the word about being published!

Also, my friend Brenda had a Silpado Jewellry party last weekend and it was sure fun! I could not believe how pretty the jewellry is. Then, my sister Arlene came over on Sunday and she will be designing a necklace for me based on a turquoise stone I bought years ago and do not have a chain for...Woot!

Also, mom got a call from the oncologist and she will be going to a group thing on July 28th at the Cancer Clinic in Saskatoon. She is on a waitlist to see the oncologist. As well, she has an appointment with the surgeon next Thursday, so I am going to be very hopeful that she will not need chemo.

That's it I must retire for the evening...

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  1. Hi Ginger!! I'm glad you had fun at my party! I am now a Silpada Designs Rep, so if any of your friends go to the link and see some jewelry they would like they can get in touch with me and I'll be more than happy to help them out.