Tuesday, July 28, 2009


Well, it has been a long time coming, but I finally completed the 50th Anniversary Album! Yippee! I started over a year ago collecting pictures from everyone and then started the album in January...whew...I cannot believe it's completed and I'm really looking forward to giving it to mom and dad.

Here are a couple of layouts for your perusal...My favourite is the "Happy Times". Don't we look like the happy bunch camping! Even then I knew camping wasn't my gig! Ha Ha!

So we are leaving on Thursday morning and will likely be home by mid-afternoon. Friday night we will all be at Brenda's for Nathan's graduation party from University. He has completed his Bachelor of Commerce degree, cudos for him! Then, Saturday is the big day for mom and dad. The party will start around 2 pm and then we will have dinner around 5 pm. Sunday we have family pictures and then we will have a family BBQ at mom and dad's. So, lots of fun and entertainment coming my way.
Other mentionables...Yeah for Andy Schleck coming in second place at the Tour de France...Marvin found the picture I downloaded of Andy on my last post, he put it as my screensaver as a surprise! Hee Hee!
Saturday night Brenda and I went for dinner and a movie...we saw "The Hangover", uncontrollably funny...if you haven't seen it, you must...
Normie was sick again, but seems to be better - I spent the better part of Sunday cleaning up kitty puke and....other things...I'm a bit nervous about leaving him all alone this weekend, but he does seem to be better now...animals!!!
So, tomorrow is my last day at work before going on vacation (19 days...woot Woot!).
Well, better go, have lots of things to finish before we go!
PS - my sister Arlene says she has finished my necklace, lucky moi!