Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Changes Need to Be Made...

Well I went for my physical this morning and the news is not good (not that I am surprised!). My blood pressure was 140/100...yeah that's what I said. Okay, I am not shocked, I mean, I know all the complications of high blood pressure and the reasons I'm at this point! I have known my pressure has been high (I have not been feeling with it this past week and I had a friend take it the other day) and so I have made some changes and I am scared enough now to follow thru with this. The changes: 1. I will incorporate some form of exercise into my daily life (that is just the way it is going to be so buck up buttercup!) 2. I will follow some form of healthy nutrition plan - I have not quite decided on this yet, my doctor recommended the DASH Diet http://dashdiet.org It is specifically to help reduce hypertension, so I did order the book. 3. No more sugar! 4. No added salt! For now those are the biggest changes! I have started to incorporate the exercise bit. Edwin and I went for a walk after work (actually it was more of a hike in the river valley) and it felt really good! So if you like you can join me, we can challenge each other!

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