Tuesday, July 28, 2009


Well, it has been a long time coming, but I finally completed the 50th Anniversary Album! Yippee! I started over a year ago collecting pictures from everyone and then started the album in January...whew...I cannot believe it's completed and I'm really looking forward to giving it to mom and dad.

Here are a couple of layouts for your perusal...My favourite is the "Happy Times". Don't we look like the happy bunch camping! Even then I knew camping wasn't my gig! Ha Ha!

So we are leaving on Thursday morning and will likely be home by mid-afternoon. Friday night we will all be at Brenda's for Nathan's graduation party from University. He has completed his Bachelor of Commerce degree, cudos for him! Then, Saturday is the big day for mom and dad. The party will start around 2 pm and then we will have dinner around 5 pm. Sunday we have family pictures and then we will have a family BBQ at mom and dad's. So, lots of fun and entertainment coming my way.
Other mentionables...Yeah for Andy Schleck coming in second place at the Tour de France...Marvin found the picture I downloaded of Andy on my last post, he put it as my screensaver as a surprise! Hee Hee!
Saturday night Brenda and I went for dinner and a movie...we saw "The Hangover", uncontrollably funny...if you haven't seen it, you must...
Normie was sick again, but seems to be better - I spent the better part of Sunday cleaning up kitty puke and....other things...I'm a bit nervous about leaving him all alone this weekend, but he does seem to be better now...animals!!!
So, tomorrow is my last day at work before going on vacation (19 days...woot Woot!).
Well, better go, have lots of things to finish before we go!
PS - my sister Arlene says she has finished my necklace, lucky moi!

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

The Schleck Brothers

So - you probably wouldn't think this of me but I have been closely watching the Tour de France! That's right! 3 hours every night for the last 2 weeks, my eyes have been glued to the t.v. Hence, no scrapbook pics. Hee Hee! Last year I watched it and learned the strategies, and I was shocked at how difficult the Tour really is. I learned what a peleton is. So when Marv and I started watching it this year I kept asking him where Andy Schlek was, I guess Marv didn't remember the incredible skills this young rider had when we watched last year (especially with his brother Frank), you see when I mention Andy's name, Marv asks if I have a crush on the guy (because I actually know a thing or two about him - like that he's from Luxembourg). Hee Hee! He is pretty cute.
Anyway, what has really been amazing is Lance Armstrong, the man might still have it in him to win and that is impressive.

Okay - enough about the Tour de France!
Eight more days to vacation! Woot Woot! That means I better get my tush in gear, I have this weekend to finish the scrapbook. I will be taking pictures of all the pages and then will post them. Marvin is going to the Indy this weekend, so I will have plenty of girl time to work on the book.
The excercise program is going well. Arlene and I went for a nice long walk yesterday in the River Valley on some awesome trails. We had to hop over some big trees that were strewn across the path after Saturday's scary storm. Today I rode the recumbant cycle we have in the basement (I think I've been on it three times in the past 3 years!). Arlene has challenged me to get a pedometer, and to work myself up to 10,000 steps/day. I do have a pedometer, but have never used it and I will be pulling it out! So maybe some of you would like to take up the challenge with me?
Well I need to get some shut eye.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Other Stuff!

Okay so the last entry was a reality check and now I want to talk about some fun stuff. For the first time I submitted a layout to a magazine. It is one of my favorite scrap books and it is published only 4 times/year. Here is the link to Canadian Scrapbooker  I will keep you posted on whether I get the word about being published!

Also, my friend Brenda had a Silpado Jewellry party last weekend and it was sure fun! I could not believe how pretty the jewellry is. Then, my sister Arlene came over on Sunday and she will be designing a necklace for me based on a turquoise stone I bought years ago and do not have a chain for...Woot!

Also, mom got a call from the oncologist and she will be going to a group thing on July 28th at the Cancer Clinic in Saskatoon. She is on a waitlist to see the oncologist. As well, she has an appointment with the surgeon next Thursday, so I am going to be very hopeful that she will not need chemo.

That's it I must retire for the evening...

Changes Need to Be Made...

Well I went for my physical this morning and the news is not good (not that I am surprised!). My blood pressure was 140/100...yeah that's what I said. Okay, I am not shocked, I mean, I know all the complications of high blood pressure and the reasons I'm at this point! I have known my pressure has been high (I have not been feeling with it this past week and I had a friend take it the other day) and so I have made some changes and I am scared enough now to follow thru with this. The changes: 1. I will incorporate some form of exercise into my daily life (that is just the way it is going to be so buck up buttercup!) 2. I will follow some form of healthy nutrition plan - I have not quite decided on this yet, my doctor recommended the DASH Diet http://dashdiet.org It is specifically to help reduce hypertension, so I did order the book. 3. No more sugar! 4. No added salt! For now those are the biggest changes! I have started to incorporate the exercise bit. Edwin and I went for a walk after work (actually it was more of a hike in the river valley) and it felt really good! So if you like you can join me, we can challenge each other!

Sunday, July 5, 2009


Friday night I went to my favourite place ever...Treasured Memories!  We had an awesome time scrappin' the night away! I love getting together with all my friends, we have way too much fun and many many laughs, my belly actually hurts. Anyway, Here are some pages I worked on or finished (I have to be honest, as my friends know, there is no way I would have done all these pages in one night! Ha!). I am really pleased with them, I still need to journal on some of them, but I think I will ask for some help with this, as I'm not so good with dates! I can't believe, how close I am to finishing the book. Last night I started a page of what Dad's interests are...Hopefully I will have that completed today as well...

I love this paper from Cosmo Cricket, it really gives a retro vibe to the page. I hope my sister Brenda likes the layout (Brenda!! I can't remember the year you were married '75?? or '76?? Hee Hee!).

This layout of Arlene and Mike was made using the Heidi Swapp Masks! Love Heidi!
(Arlene - I need some info on you and Mike for the journalling!)

I'm pretty happy with this layout of Carmen and John, my friend Wendy had the perfect blue paper to help me with it! (Carmen - you need to tell me about you and John for the journalling).

One of the things I get really excited about at Treasured Memories, is their monthly kit! Here is Bev & Curtis' layout using the July kit that KC from TM made. I love, love, the color combination! (Bev - I need some journalling info!)

Well here is the page I did of Marvin and I. He actually approved the pictures, Ha! I love this layout using the K & Company paper, "Que Sera"

Well, that's it for today! I think I will enjoy some of our lovely weather by sitting outside, have my cup of coffee and read the paper!
Have a great Sunday everyone.