Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Heidi Swapp!!%#

Well here we go! Over a week ago I had the pleasure of meeting Heidi Swapp...! Yes, Heidi, the Diva of all Scrapbookers . She was completely amazing and after listening to her speak, I felt a strong desire to do more than I am, creatively speaking that is. One of the things I have been thinking of starting, is a blog. I was so unsure of myself, I mean, I spend lots of time looking and reading other people's blogs and enjoy it, I never thought though, that I would create my own blog, what would I say?? Who will read it?? Then... I heard Heidi. She says people today want to do more than just one thing and they don't want to be known as only a scrapper, or a stamper... I agree with this completely. I want to scrapbook, but I also want to paint on canvas, I want to make collages, I want to learn how to use Adobe photoshop, I want to be a better photographer, I WANT TO CREATE! Heidi also talked about her mother starting a blog, and I never thought of it before, but it really is a journal of one's life, and even if noone ever reads this blog, I will know, I can always look back at the things that I have written, and see where I have come from... So, here I am. I am so excited!

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  1. I know I am commenting on a post that is over 2 yrs old but it is funny that everyone starts their blog out by saying exactly that 'I know no one will read this but I really don't care' and now when you look at the blog you are keeping, it is probably very different to how it was at this point when it all started. Good for you, keep going.