Friday, June 12, 2009

Stay Calm Be Brave

Yesterday morning I went downstairs to let the animals out and I noticed Norman wasn't coming up. I decided to check it out, and what I saw was some nastiness and a what looked like a very sick kitty. My heart immediately dropped to the pit of my stomach, as it always does when any of the animals becomes ill. I went upstairs and told Marvin that Normie needed to go to the vet and his response is always the same "we are not paying for a sick cat" and I always respond with "he needs a diagnosis and then we will decide what needs to be done". I understand where Marvin is coming from, he grew up with animals on the farm, and of course the animals fended for themselves, and that is just the way it is growing up in the country. I know because I lived this life as well, except, I was always the super sensitive kid that cried everytime any animal died.

To make a long story short, Norman is going to be okay, it looks like he has some sort of GI irritation and so we have him on a special diet for the next few days to see if this helps.

We recently had a staff meeting and my boss brought up a quote from CBC's "The Dead Dog Cafe Comedy Hour", Stay Calm, Be Brave, Wait for the Signs. Wendy (my boss) is probably the most positive person I know, and so when she sent out the link yesterday afternoon to us at work, it really made sense to me. Sometimes when we have so many things going on in our personal lives it is easy to get upset and worried about what might happen, but really these are strong words to live by.

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  1. Ok, what the heck is 'some sort of GI irritation'??? Sounds scary!