Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Only 1 Month To Go

So I was looking at the calendar the other day and realized I only have one month to finish the scrapbook for M & D...Yikes!! So I thought I would share some pages I have finished. (I'm still learning how to upload the pics on here, so they might not be perfect).

Kim (Jamie), Tanya (Brad) and Nathan (Anja)...the Grandchildren. Sorry, it's suppose to be Then (first), Now (second)...

I love the picture of Kim and Tanya in the middle of this page...not sure what Tanya is doing?? Rolling her socks down, or trying to pull them up?

I love my new prima newsprint stamp, you can see it on the large flower below...it's so awesome, you can use whatever color ink you want to match with your projects! I love Riff Raff (the heart, & word "Happy"). You can see Riff Raff here http://riffraffdesigns.typepad.com/ They have the best chipboard designs!

This 50th Anniversary page is scraplifted, I cannot remember where I got the sketch from (I know I need to start paying attention to that if I am putting my stuff online - as credit needs to be given where credit is due!). I love the combination of colors and the red really pops out. This will be the front page...

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  1. Hey Gin, I love the first page....actually the whole thing is going to look amazing. you have put alot of work into this book!! Mom and Dad are really going to love it